6 Things to Know About Your Breasts

learn about your breastsEveryone loves breasts. They occur on both males and females, however men are not evolved enough for breasts because they do not have to do breastfeeding. A firm and big breast in a sign of great health and is indicative of a great motherhood potential the woman has. If you are a woman, you might think you know all about your breasts, but do you really? Learn about your breasts today! Here are some quick facts about your breasts that might surprise you.


While you might think that only men are attracted to breasts and like to see them, the reality is quite different. Everyone stares at your breasts, even women: both the straight and happy kind.

Different Kinds of Nipples

There are actually four different kinds of nipples! That’s something you don’t learn about your breasts everyday! There are puffy nipples, inverted, normal and flat nipples.

Keep ‘em moist

Yes. It’s important. Breasts undergo change during puberty and happen to have a very thin skin that is prone to dryness. Use a good breast and nipple moisturizer for a good breast health.

A Third Nipple

A staggering six percent of the population have a third nipple, just like Chandler Bing! It is often frowned upon if a person has a third nipple, but obviously its natural as it happens to such a large fraction of the population.

Sleeping Affects Breast Size

Sleeping face down that is. It is always advised to keep a soft pillow between your breasts and the bed to not put them under pressure.

Breast Sizes Change All The Time

No, it’s not a puberty thing. The truth is that breasts can grow and shrink during a period cycle. You can grow as much as a cup size more than you were!

When you go through these points you learn about your breasts a lot. Big or small, round or oval, all breasts are beautiful. Taking care of them means taking care of your future child’s health as well.

The ABCs of Teeth Whitening You Need To Know

dentists long beachIt is of utmost importance to note that tooth whitening is all about restoring the original white color of your teeth, or whitening way beyond your natural shade. It can either be done by removing the stains that are caused by tobacco, food, red wine, and other elements that can best be explained by specialists like Dr. Stephen Coates.

The teeth bleaching procedure is one of the common practices done by cosmetic dentists and come with a basketful of benefits. These include improved self esteem, thorough cleaning hence removal of bacteria and other pathogenic elements, and also helps your teeth remain strong and clean. The most important factors you should know are;

Permanency of the process

It is ideal for you to know that tooth whitening is not a permanent it can last anything between a few months to three years. Overall, this will vary from one patient to the other based on variable factors like; intensity of whitening procedure undertaken and how often you smoke or drink red wine.

Teeth whitening and false teeth

It is a fact that tooth whitening do not work on false teeth, and so in this case you shouldn’t expect any magic. In a nut shell, the process does not work on dentures, veneers, crowns or anything in this range. If you want to undertake the process and enjoy the full benefits, make it a point to consult with highly experienced dentists before parting with your hard-earned money.


The results of tooth whitening procedure will vary from one patient to the other depending on variable factors. These include; what ingredients were used in the process, experience of the dentist, as well as what has caused the discoloration.

Last but not least, experienced dentist like Dr. Stephen Coates will explain the do’s and don’ts of the maintenance process. Overall, this will always help you get the best possible results for a pretty long period of time.


Top Fact You Need to Know About 247 Urgent Care Omaha

urgent care 247It is common knowledge that 247 Urgent Care Omaha have revolutionized the health industry. This is due to the fact that they offer many benefits to patients many patients in all areas, thus becoming a top choice for those who need medical attention, fast. Furthermore, these centers have been able to save lots of people pain, anxiety, and depression. Overall, they have been able to bring affordable health services to the man on the street-and not compromised quality of the services whatsoever! There are a number of factors that you need to know about these centers and these include:

The Big Number

There are well over 9,000 of these centers across the nation and the number is still growing. This means that no matter where you are you will be able to access better health services-Omaha not exempted. Statistics indicate that about 75% are located in suburban areas with urban areas taking 15% and remote areas 10%.


It is a fact that with the more than 61% of the clinics have been in operation for more than 5 years. This is an indicator that they are performing well, and of course offering services as per accepted health codes and standards. In most cases, these centers are usually open the entire week making it possible for the doctors to deal with emergencies. Furthermore, 20,000 physicians are known to be practice urgent care medicine and this is quite beneficial for patients irrespective of what they suffer.

Payments Options & Charges

The 247 Urgent Care Omaha centers are quite affordable and you’re able to enjoy better health without necessarily going for loans. They offer different payment options, too. In fact, you can go for different packages and let your insurance company cater for the costs. Alternatively, the payments can be made by Medicare or from your own pocket.

The better part of the whole story is that with these health services, you can always enjoy life. If you want the best, ensure that you do a little research before registering with any center.